Ischemic Postconditioning Assessment in the Liver of Rats Undergoing Mesenteric Ischemia and Reperfusion

Abstract Introduction: Ischemic postconditioning is a method that shows evidence of efficacy in minimizing reperfusion injury; however, its effectiveness in preventing injuries in distant organs is still unknown, especially in those who have undergone mesenteric ischemia and reperfusion. Objective: To evaluate the effect of ischemic postconditioning in preventing reperfusion injury in the liver of rats submitted to mesenteric ischemia and reperfusion, comparing two different methods of ischemic postconditioning. Methods: 30 Wistar male rats were used, distributed into three groups: Group A: Ten rats submitted to intestinal ischemia for 30 minutes followed by reperfusion for 60 minutes; Group B: Ten rats subjected to ischemia and reperfusion; after ischemia, two cycles of reperfusion (two minutes each) interleaved with two cycles of ischemia (two minutes each); and Group C: Ten rats subjected to ischemia and reperfusion; after ischemia, four cycles of reperfusion (30 seconds each) interspersed with four cycles of ischemia (30 seconds each). After the experiment, the left lobe of the liver was resected for subsequent histological analysis, using the following classification: grade 1 - centrilobular congestion; grade 2 - centrilobular congestion with some degeneration of hepatocytes in one or two central veins; and grade 3 - multifocal centrilobular congestion and degeneration of portal hepatocytes. Results: The mean degree of liver damage found was 1.8 in group A, 1.7 in group B and 1.3 in group C. There was no statistically significant difference between the groups. Conclusion: Ischemic postconditioning was unable to minimize reperfusion injury in rats undergoing mesenteric ischemia and reperfusion.

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Main Authors: Santos,Carlos Henrique Marques dos, Aydos,Ricardo Dutra, Nogueira Neto,Ed, Miiji,Luciana Nakao Odashiro, Cassino,Pedro Carvalho, Alves,Isadora Ishaq, Calheiros,Nádia Meneguesso, Garcia,Milena
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Published: Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular 2016
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