Statistics for 1999-2014, 15 years of collaboration!!

Dear participants in the SIDALC Alliance,

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about our partners and the content, use and impact of the Alliance’s services in the year just ended, we attach the most important statistics. With the SIDALC Alliance celebrating the 15th anniversary of its founding, we decided to include all the data available for the entire period, to give you an idea of the great strides made by the platform. We also invite you to share the information resources produced in your institutions with the agricultural community of the Americas:

1. Partners in the Alliance:

Número de instituciones participantes   


2. Content:

Número de bases de datos incluidas   Número de referencias disponibles   Número de documentos a texto completo disponibles


3. Use:

Número de usuarios exclusivos   Número de páginas vistas


Número de artículos solicitados


4. Table of total data

Tabla de estadística general


Thank you for forming part of this community and for continuing to strengthen research processes for the development of our regions.




Monday, February 2, 2015 - 08:00