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Autor:Mburu, J.K.;   Mwaura, P.K.  
Título: Environmentally sound management of coffee processing by-products: a review.
Idioma: EN
P.imprenta: Jun 1996.
Serie:Kenya Coffee (Kenia). v. 61(716) p. 2237-2244.
Notas: 1 fig. 7 tab. 31 ref. Sum. (En)
Resumen: It is evident that the quantity of coffee wastes arising from coffee production in Kenya is enormous. However, growers' morale and financial returns could greatly be boosted if economical ways of utilizing the by-products are achieved. Also, a cost effective procedure of controlling river pollution would become viable within the coffee zones. From the available information, the most probable ways of utilizing the by-products are: composting the wastes to organic manure both as a nutrient source and soil conditioner; composting the by-product into fertilizer grade; addition of the wastes into animal feed mixture; mushroom production; civil structures and extraction of vinegar. Production of charcoal from coffee husks and use of parchment husks for domestic and industrial requirements are also attractive options. It is necessary to conduct studies to identify the factors that interfere with the consumption and utilization of coffee pulp by the animals, and to develop processing methods and feeding systems that will eliminate or counteract these factors. There is also need to determine the long term effects of coffee pulp on the productivity of beef and dairy herds. In regard to the processing effluent, an alternative concern should be initiated to try and alleviate the pollution problem as seepage pits alone do not seem to effectively protect the water environment. This implies the need to consider further, processing water reduction measures to even lower levels than the currently recommended system can achieve. Besides this, further studies aimed at developing more effective waste water treatment and utilization options are necessary

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