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Signatura:Biblioteca OET: 333.72 D133n.
Autor: Daily, Gretchen C; Ellison, K.
Dirección: Stanford University, Department of Biological Sciences, Center for Conservation Biology, Stanford, CA 94305-5020, US E-mail: E-mail:
Título: The new economy of nature: the quest to make conservation profitable. La nueva economía de la naturaleza: la búsqueda por hacer la conservación económicamente remunerable. (ISBN 1-55963-945-8.)
P.imprenta: 260 p. Año 2002. Editorial Washington, DC, Island Press: Shearwater Books, US.
Resumen: Gretchen C. Daily and Katherine Ellison, describes the possibility of using private markets to protect the environment. Because people care about environmental goods and services (products), they are often willing to pay to protect them. If those willing "buyers" can be brought together with those who can provide ecosystem products, then everyone wins, including the environment. This book tells ten stories of possible for-profit opportunities for environmental protection. As enthusiastic as the authors are for this new paradigm for ecosystem products, reasons exist that markets for these products have often not worked. The authors use economic theory to argue that private markets are not likely to provide adequate levels of public (environmental) goods and services because each person will hope that someone else will provide them. Market-based successes for providing environmental products deserve to be celebrated, but not as an alternative to the role of the public sector. TABLE OF CONTENTS: The wealth of nature -- Katoomba and the stratosphere -- How to make carbon charismatic -- New York : how to put a watershed to work -- Napa, California : how a town can live with a river and not get soaked -- Vancouver Island : project Snark -- King County,Washington : the art of the deal -- Down under : how to make a numbat turn a profit -- Costa Rica : paying mother nature to multitask -- Teresopolis : the spinning motor -- The birds, the bees, and the biodiversity crisis -- The revolution in the wings
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