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Autor:O'Malley, John William,  
Título: Vatican I : the Council and the Making of the Ultramontane Church /.
ISBN: 9780674979987
P.imprenta: Massachusetts :. The Belknap Press of Hardvard University Press,. 2018.. 307 p. ; 22 cm. Edición ; 1a. ed.
Descriptores_Es:Vaticano;  Iglesia;  Catolicismo 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:O'Malley, John William,  
Título: Four cultures of the West /.
ISBN: 0674014987
P.imprenta: Cambridge :. The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press,. 2004.. 261 p. ; 22 cm.
Notas: BibliografA-a: p. 249-254.
IntroducciA3n. Athens and Jerusalem. Peophecy and reform. The academy and the professions. Poetry, rhetoric, and the common good. Art and performance. The book of our experience.
Descriptores_Es:CivilizaciA3n occidental;  Cultura 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:O'Malley, John William,  
Título: Trent and all that : renaming Catholicism in the early modern era /.
ISBN: 0674008138
P.imprenta: Cambridge :. Harvard University Press,. 2000.. 219 p. ; 22 cm.
Notas: BibliografA-a: p. 147-174.
Introduction. What's in a name? How it all began. Hubert Jedin and the classic position. England and Italy in Jedin's Wake. France, Germany, and Beyond. Conclusion. There's Much in a name.
Descriptores_Es:Contrareforma;  Historia de la iglesia;  Catolicismo 

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