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Autor:Lichty, Lester C.  
Título: Internalçombustion engines.
Idioma: ENG
P.imprenta: New York :. McGraw-Hill Book,. 1951. ix, 598 p. : 23 cm. +. Edición ; 6. ed
Notas: Incluye referencias bibliogrA­ficas e A-ndiceLa Biblioteca posee: 2 ej.
Contenido: The internalçombustion-engine process. Thermodynamics for engine analysis. The combustion process. Air-standard cycle analysis. Internalçombustion-engine-process analysis. Deviations from ideal processes. Fuels. Combustion knock and knock rating. Carburetion and fuel injection. Manifolds and mixture distribution. Valves and valve mechanisms. Ignition of the charge. Combustion-Chamber design. Engine lubrication. Heat transfer and engine cooling. Engine perfomance. Mechanics of principal moving parts. Engine vibration and balance. Engine design.
Descriptores_Es:Carburantes;  CombustiA3n;  Motores de combustiA3n interna;  TermodinA­mica;  Transferencia de calor 

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