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Autor: edited by Ruth Abbey.
Aut. Analit.: Abbey, Ruth, ed.
Título: Charles Taylor /.
ISBN: 0521801362 (hardback)0521805228 (paperback)
P.imprenta: Cambridge :. Cambridge University Press,. c2004.. x, 220 p. ; 23 cm.
Notas: Contemporary philosophy in focus
BibliografA-a: p. 215-216.Incluye A-ndice.
Introduction. Timely meditation in an ultimely modeøThe Though of Charles Taylor. Taylor and the hermeneutic tradition. Taylor,'s (anti-) Epistemology. The self and the Good: Taylor's moral ontology. Articulating the horizons of liberalism: Taylor's political philosophy. Toleration, proselytizing, and the politics of recognition: the self contested. Taylor and feminism: from recognition of identity to a politics of the good. Catholicism and philosophy: a nontheistic appreciation.
Descriptores_Es:FilA3sofos;  FilosofA-a contemporA­nea;  Modernidad;  Secularismo;  Etica filosA3fica 
Alianza SIDALC
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Signatura:304:282(44) 230.2
Autor:Vicente Alguero, Felipe-Jose de.  
Título: El catolicismo liberal en Espana /.
ISBN: 9788499207728 (e book)
P.imprenta: Madrid :. Ediciones Encuentro, S.A.,. 2012.. 1 online resource.
Notas: Contiene indice.
Contiene bibliografia.
Descriptores_Es:Liberalism (Religion);  Religion. 
Alianza SIDALC
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Signatura:342,34(460) 320.510946
Autor:GonzA­lez Casanova, JosAc Antonio  
Título: La derecha contra el estado : el liberalismo autoritario en Espana 1833-2008 /.
ISBN: 9788497434195 (e book)
P.imprenta: Lleida :. Editorial Milenio,. 2010.. 1 online resource.
Notas: Contiene indice.
Descriptores_Es:Liberalism;  Politica gubernamental. 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:Garcia Gonzalez, Dora Elvira.  
Título: El liberalismo hoy : una reconstruccion critica del pensamiento de Rawls /.
P.imprenta: Mexico D.F. :. Plaza y Valdes S. A. de C. V.,. 2002.. 1 online resource (170 paginas).
Notas: Filosofia
Contiene bibliografia.
Descriptores_Es:Liberalismo.;  Liberalism. 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:Abdelal, Rawi,  
Título: Capital rules : the construction of global finance /.
ISBN: 0674023692 (alk. paper)9780674023697 (alk. paper)
P.imprenta: Cambridge, Mass. :. Harvard University Press,. 2007.. xi, 304 p. ; 25 cm.
Notas: Incluye A-ndice.
BibliografA-a: p. 231-284.
Orthodoxy and heresy. The rules of global finance: causes and consequences. Capital ruled: embedded liberalism and the regulation of finance. The Paris consensus: European unification and the freedom of capital. Privilege and obligation: the OECD and its risks: the IMF and the capital account. A common language of risk: credit-rating agencies and sovereigns. The rebirth of doubt. Conclusion.
Descriptores_Es:Finanzas internacionales 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:Seleme, Hugo O.  
Aut. Analit.: Rosenkrantz, Carlos Fernando, prA3l.
Título: Neutralidad y justicia : en torno al liberalismo polA-tico de John Rawls /.
ISBN: 8497681401
P.imprenta: Madrid :. Marcial Pons, Ediciones JurA-dicas y Sociales,. 2004.. 362 p. ; 24 cm.
Notas: FilosofA-a y derecho
BibliografA-a: p. [357]-362.
Aspectos metodolA3gicos. La concepciA3n de persona como base de la neutralidad en relaciA3n con las concepciones del bien, y las contingencias sociales, naturales e histA3ricas. La neutralidad de la concepciA3n de persona y su repercusiA3n en los otros sentidos de neutralidad: respecto de las concepciones del bien, de los accidentes histA3ricos y naturales, y de las concepciones metaActicas. El problema del carA­cter comprehensivo de la oncepciA3n de persona y la soluciA3n de political liberalism. ConclusiA3n.
Descriptores_Es:Ciencia polA-tica;  FilosofA-a polA-tica;  TeorA-a polA-tica;  Liberalismo polA-tico 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor: John Baylis, Steve Smith, Patricia Owens.
Aut. Analit.: Baylis, John, Smith, Steve, Owens, Patricia,
Título: The globalization of world politics : an introduction to international relations /.
ISBN: 9780199297771
P.imprenta: New York, :. Oxford University Press,. 2008.. xxxix, 622 p. : 27 cm. Edición ; 4th ed.
Notas: Incluye referencias bibliogrA­ficas e A-ndice.
Globalization and global politics / Anthony McGrew -øThe evolution of international society / David Armstrong -øInternational history, 1900-90 / Len Scott -øFrom the cold war to the war on terror / Michael Cox -øRealism / Tim Dunne and Brian C. Schmidt -øLiberalism / Tim Dunne -øContemporary mainstream approaches : neo-realism and neo-liberalism / Steven L. Lamy -øMarxist theories of international relations / Stephen Hobden and Richard Wyn Jones -øSocial constructivism / Michael Barnett -øAlternative approaches to international theory / Steve Smith and Patricia Owens -øInternational ethics / Richard Shapcott -øThe changing character of war / Mike Sheehan -øInternational and global security / John Baylis -øInternational political economy in an age of globalization / Ngaire Woods -øGender in world politics / J. Ann Tickner -øInternational law / Christian Reus-Smit -øInternational regimes / Richard Little -øThe United Nations / Paul Taylor and Devon Curtis -øTransnational actors and international organizations in global politics / Peter Willetts -øEnvironmental issues / John Vogle -øTerrorism and globalization / James D. Kiras -øNuclear proliferation / Darryl Howlett -øNationalism / John Breuilly -øCulture in world affairs / Simon Murden -øRegionalism in international affairs / Edward Best and Thomas Christiansen -øGlobal trade and finance / Jan Aart Scholte -øPoverty, development, and hunger / Caroline Thomas -øHuman security / Amitav Acharya -øHuman rights / Chris Brown -øHumanitarian intervention in world politics / Alex J. Bellamy and Nicholas J. Wheeler -øGlobalization and the transformation of political community / Andrew Linklater -øGlobalization and the postçold war order / Ian Clark.
Descriptores_Es:Relaciones internacionales;  PolA-tica internacional 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor: edited by Anthony Simon Laden and David Owen.
Aut. Analit.: Laden, Anthony Simon, ed. Owen, David, ed.
Título: Multiculturalism and political theory /.
ISBN: 9780521854504 (hbk. : alk. paper)0521854504 (hbk. : alk. paper)9780521670906 (pbk. : alk. paper)052167090X (pbk. : alk. paper)
P.imprenta: Cambridge, UK ;. Cambridge University Press,. 2007.. xii, 419 p. ; 24 cm.
Notas: Incluye indice.
Incluye referencias bibliogrA­ficas.
Acknowledgments Contributors Introduction Part1: Trajectories 1. Will Kymlicka The New Debate on Minority Rights (and Postscript) 2. Iris Marion Young Structural Injustice and the Politics of Difference 3. Charles W. Mills Multiculturalism As/And/Or Anti-Racism? 4. Ayelet Shachar Feminism and Multiculturalism: Mapping the Terrain Part 2: Approaches 5. Simon Caney Egalitarian Liberalism and Universalism 6. Jacob T. Levy Contextualism, Constitutionalism and Modus Vivendi Approaches 7. Anthony Laden Negotiation, Deliberation and the Claims of Politics Part 3: Critical Issues 8. Andrew Mason Multiculturalism and the critique of essentialism 9. Daniel Weinstock Liberalism, Multiculturalism and the Problem of Internal Minorities 10. David Owen & James Tully Redistribution and Recognition: Two Approaches 11. Rainer Forst A Critical Theory of Multicultural Toleration 397 Part 4: New Directions 12. Danielle Allen Law's Necessary Forcefulness: Ralph Ellison And Hannah Arendt on the Battle of Little Rock 13. Bert van den Brink Imagining civic relations in the moment of their breakdown: A crisis of civic integrity in the Netherlands 14. Bonnie Honig Democracy and Foreignness: Democratic Cosmopolianism and the Myth of an Immigrant AmericaTexto de inglAcs.
Descriptores_Es:Multiculturalismo;  Pluralismo cultural;  MinorA-as;  TeorA-a polA-tica 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:Walzer, Michael,  
Título: Politics and passion : toward a more egalitarian liberalism /.
ISBN: 030010328X
P.imprenta: New Haven :. Yale University Press,. c2004.. xiv, 184 p. ; 21 cm.
Notas: Introduction. Involuntary association. The collectivism of powerlessness. Cultural rights. Civil society and the state. Deliberation ... and what else? Politics and passion. Conclusion: global equality.
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor: edited by Tim Dunne, Milja Kurki, and Steve Smith.
Aut. Analit.: Dunne, Timothy, ed. Kurki, Milja, ed. Smith, Steve, ed.
Título: International relations theories : discipline and diversity /.
ISBN: 9780199298334
P.imprenta: New York :. Oxford University Press,. 2007.. xxiii, 350 p. ; 25 cm.
Notas: Incluye A-ndice.
BibliografA-a: p. 314-331.
International relations and social sciences. International relations and political theory. Classical realism. Structural realism. Liberalism. Neoliberalism. The english school. Marxism and critical theory. Constructivism. Feminism. Postsctructuralism. Postcolonialism. Green theory. International relations theory and globalization. Still a discipline afterall these debates?
Descriptores_Es:Relaciones internacionales;  PolA-tica exterior 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:Karube, Tadashi,  
Aut. Analit.: Noble, David, tr.
Título: Maruyama Masao : and the fate liberalism in twentiesçentury Japan /.
ISBN: 9784924971240
P.imprenta: Tokyo :. International House of Japan,. c2008.. ix, 212 p. ; 24 cm.
Notas: Material disponible en DepA3sito de Biblioteca Campus
Descriptores_Es:JAPON;  PolA-tica econA3mica;  Siglo XX 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:Schwab, George  
Título: The challenge of the exception : an introduction to the political ideas of Carl Schmitt between 1921 and 1936 /.
ISBN: 0313272298
Idioma: SPA
P.imprenta: New York :. Greenwood Press,. c1989. xv, 174 p. ; 24 cm. Edición ; 2nd. ed
Notas: Contribution in political science
Incluye A-ndice.
BibliografA-a: p. 151-160.
PARTE 1. SCHMITT AND THE CONSTITUTION 1921-1933: The meaning of dictatorship. The meaning of sovereignty. The meaning of democracy and liberalism. Tha meaning of the presidial system. Hitler conquers weimar. PARTE 2. SCHMITT AND NATIONAL SOCIALISM 1933-1936: State, movement, people. Concrete-order thinking. Army, party, state. Theology, defeat, and the Benito Cereno Myth.
Descriptores_Es:CIENCIA POLITICA;  Pensamiento polA-tico 
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:Karube, Tadashi,  
Título: Maruyama Masao : and the fate of liberalism in twentiethçentury Japan /.
ISBN: 9784924971240
Idioma: ENG
P.imprenta: Tokyo :. International House of Japan,. c2008. ix, 212 p. ; 24 cm.
Notas: LTCB International Library selection
Incluye A-ndice.
BibliografA-a: p. 197-206.
The fate of a thinker. A Taisho kid. In a politicized age. From war to postwar. Conceiving postwar democracy. Politics and humanity in the contemporary world.
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor:Davis, Harold Eugene  
Título: Latin American thought : a historical introduction /.
ISBN: 0807102490
Idioma: ENG
P.imprenta: [Louisiana] :. Louisiana State University Press,. c1972. ix, 269 p. ; 24 cm.
Notas: Incluye A-ndice.
BibliografA-a: p. 241-254.
Sources and characteristics. Preçonquest and colonial antecedents. The age of reason and the independence movements. Revolutionary liberalism, utilitarianism, and traditionalism. The era of positivist and evolutionary thought. End-of-theçentury traditionalism. Revolutionary and traditional twentieth century thought. Twentieth century marxist thought. Existentialist idealism and spiritualism. Neoçhristian thought. Some unresolved problems.
Descriptores_Es:AMERICA LATINA;  FILOSOFIA;  Pensamiento filosA3fico 
Alianza SIDALC
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Corporativo: CA­mara de Comercio Americana en EspaAña; FundaciA3n CIDOB; FundaciA3n Consejo EspaAña-Estados Unidos; Real Instituto Elcano.
Conferencia: Seminario bilateral Tendencias en las polA-ticas de EEUU para los prA3ximos cuatro aAños = Bilateral Conference Trends in US Policies for the next four years. Madrid, ES). (2005 feb. 28 :
Título: Tendencias en las polA-ticas de EEUU para los prA3ximos cuatro aAños =. Trends in US Policies for the next four years.
Otros títulos: Trends in US Policies for the next four years.
Idioma: ENGSPA
P.imprenta: [Madrid] :. Real Instituto Elcano,. [2005]. 111 p. ; 24 cm.
Notas: IntroducciA3n. Top ten issues in US politics in 2005 / Soeren Kern. Programa: Apertura del seminario / JosAc Pons IrazazA­bal. PresentaciA3n de la primera mesa redonda / Jaime Malet. "A day of reckoning for the U.S. economy?" / Sidney Weintraub. "Years of living dangerously: from the twin deficits to the balance of financial terror?" / Paul Isbell. "A"Es sostenible la tasa de crecimiento econA3mico en EE.UU. a pesar del dAcficit presupuestario y por cuenta corriente?" / Jaime Caravajal. "Liberalism, morals, and the supreme law of the land" / Peter Berkowitz. "Valores de familia vs. liberalismo" / Josep M. Colomer. "AmAcrica and the crisis of legitimacy" / Robert Kagan. "US leadership in second Bush term". Jeremy Shapiro. Clausura del seminario / NarcA-s Serra.
Alianza SIDALC
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Autor: edited by Richard K. Betts.
Aut. Analit.: BETTS, RICHARD K., ED.
Título: Conflict after the cold war : arguments on causes of war and peace /.
ISBN: 0321081706
Idioma: ENG
P.imprenta: New York :. Longman,. c2002. viii, 567 p. ; 23 cm. Edición ; 2nd. ed
Notas: Incluye referencias bibliogrA­ficas.
PARTE 1: Introduction: does war have a future? PARTE 2: International realism: anarchy and power. PARTE 3: International liberalism: institutions and cooperation. PARTE 4: Psychology and culture: unconscious sources of conflict and conscious norms. PARTE 5: Economics: interests and interdependence. PARTE 6: Politics: ideology and identity. PARTE 7: Strategy: military technology, doctrine, and stability. PARTE 8: Transnational tensions: migration, resources, and environment. PARTE 9: Conclusion: the future between contending forces.
Descriptores_Es:Conflictos internacionales;  Guerra 

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