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Autor:Himmelweit, Hilde T.  
Título: How voters decide : a model of vote chice based on special longitudinal study extending over fifteen years and the British election surveys of 1970-1983 /.
ISBN: 0335105912
Idioma: ENG
P.imprenta: Filadelfia :. Open University Press,. 1993. 281 p. ; 23 cm. Edición ; 2 ed. rev. act
Notas: Incluye A-ndice
BibliografA-a: p. 264-270
Contenido: A cognitive model of vote choice. The data base. The new norm: variability, not loyalty. The process of political socialization. Relevance of political attitudes to vote choice. Social determinants of vote choice. The life history of issues: attitude and vote change. Perceptions and evaluations of partie's stands. Deciding how to vote: the consumer model. The structure of political attitudes : the nature of voting ideology. The middle ground: the liberal alliance voters. Implications for social psychology. Implications for political science. Political implacations including the conduct of election campaigns, the role of the media and the prospect of the parties.
Descriptores_Es:CIENCIA POLITICA;  COMPORTAMIENTO DE LOS VOTANTES;  ELECCIONES;  OpiniA3n pA§blica;  TAccnicas de persuasiA3n;  Votantes 

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