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Signatura:CNPMF (F0736)
Corporativo: Intrnational Institute of Tropical Agriculture.
Autor: HAHN, S. K.
Título: Breeding of cassava for resistance to cassava mosaic disease (CMD) and bacterial blight (CBB) in Africa..
P.imprenta: Ibadan: IITA, 1978. p.211-219..
Contenido: Cassava is one of the most important staple food crops in Agrica. Casssava mosaic disease (CMD) and cassava bacterial blight (CBB) are most devastating diseases of cassava causing severe yield loss. source of resistance to both CMD and CBB was identified from the interspecific cross of cassava (M.esculenta) x Ceara rubber (M. fraziovii) and were successfully incorporated into improved breeding populations, from which high CMD and CBB resistant and high yielding selections were obtained. resistance ofcassava to CMD and CBB was genetically related. Correlated response of resistance to CMD with that of CBB made it possible to rapidly improve cassava for resistance to both disease at the same time, while maintaining other desirable characters.


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